Selling Raisin for Exports

You can buy the best products with the best price in Arad Raisin producing center directly without mediums. Our products include fabulous currant and raisin sold in national and international markets.

Selling Raisin

Different Types of Raisin Produced in Arad Production Center

Arad production center has been producing and packing different types of raisin both for national and international for five years. This center is not only active in marketing and selling the products to the customers directly, but it also ready to prepare a great mount of demanded products with lower price for those customers who try to get great benefits.


In this center is you’ll face a professional business behavior in which you can find customers are always right. They are considered as business co-workers. This view leads to the benefits which both sides will meet.


Besides, we are in charge of preparing all demanded products of our national and international customers. We dare claim we prepare and pack almost all products in our producing center from A to Z.  the only we do not produce is thin green raisin produced in other towns known as Kashmar and Khalil Abad. If our customers ask for thin green raisin, we prepare this product from the grape gardener in Kashmar and Khalil Abad directly, then, process and pack it in our factory with the best quality.


Our products sold in national and international markets include sundried raisin (without sulfur and nitrate), nitrated raisin, brown raisin (with nitrate), golden raisin, and different types of sundried (Fakhri, Shani, Rishbaba and Bash) mostly sold to national markets.

Raisin for Exports

Raisin for Exports

In general, nitrated raisin is appropriate to be exported. This type of product is dried using nitrate. This material helps the grapes to be dried into the raisins and kept for a long time, about 2 years.


The boxes used for packing the products is really important for exports. Accordingly, a 5-layer box is the best choice.  For exporting, these 500-gram boxes are capable to hold 10 kilo grams of raisin. In some cases, according to the customers’ demand we can pack the product in 5-kilo boxes.


Shrinking is another important matter in exporting as well. Boxes might be torn while transiting. Accordingly, these boxes are covered by thick plastic layers specially for transiting the boxes by ships because of the  humidity.


Out of 4 types of exportable raisin, our producing center produces 3 types professionally:

These products include nitrated raisin, brown raisin (with nitrate), golden raisin. As it was mentioned earlier, thin green raisin produced in another town known as Kashmar is bought directly from the gardeners and processed in our factory and sold to the customer with the same price sold in its original place( Kashmar).

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