Supplier of golden raisins for export

In this center, you will enter into a direct and unmediated deal with a supplier of export raisins, especially golden raisins, and this is a great opportunity for customers who like to buy these products from production to consumption.


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Golden raisins for export

Production of golden raisins with export quality

Arad raisin production complex is active in the field of processing and packaging of raisins, both for export and for sale in the domestic market in Takestan, Qazvin province, and you can buy these products with the best possible quality and grade at the factory door, border delivery or even Receive sealed cargo in your own country .


Among these products (which are claimed to have the best possible quality in Iran in this center) are golden raisins, which are also called grape raisins ,California raisins and yellow rice raisins .These products are in cartoons 5 and 10. Kg net packaged and sold.


It should be noted that Qazvin region of Takestan is not a producer of this product, therefore, in order to provide its customers, this center needs to purchase the goods at its own expense from the owners and owners of East Azarbaijan province, which is the best producer of this product in our country. It is also tailless, pruned and not cleaned) and in its factory, it is processed and washed on it.


The interesting thing is that:

The quality that this center produces, Bonab factories and landlords pay 3 cent more per kilogram to their customers, and you can easily prove this. Put together a sample size of this center and a quantity purchased from the mentioned factories. Now inquire and compare the prices of the two, you will understand the difference in price according to the quality of the products.

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Export raisin supplier

Direct supply of golden raisins

If you are looking to buy golden raisins, you will naturally have many questions about the type of shipment, shipping preparation time, transit cost, type of packaging, export process, including health and standard, and therefore the contact number of the sales manager in the pages of this We put the site so that you can communicate directly with them.


Some of the customers of this center are even abroad and have not even seen the factory and the staff up close once, but by paying a sum as a deposit through the exchange offices, the order is registered and their cargo is prepared and this center in addition to producing products , Also carries out the export process and the so-called paperwork, and will be sent to the destination many times sealed.


In general, these products will be seedless or kernel, and the more yellow among them, the higher the price and quality will naturally be.


Never forget an important point about these products:

If the whole load, that is, 100% of the raisin seeds, is to be yellow, the price will be very high. Because these products have to pass under the sorting device ( color sorter and laser sorting ) again and again, and thus the load drop will be very high. But it is customary for a large percentage to be yellow and there may be some pale green, pale red or even colorless among these products, which unfortunately a large percentage of manufacturers, manufacturers and suppliers. They film in front of sunlight or light bulbs and show it to their customer, ensuring that the whole product is yellow if this is a lie, so be very careful.

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