Kashmar Thin Green Raisin Wholesale Trade

Kashmar thin green and yellow raisin is sold in wholesale and our customers who prefer to sale this product in international markets or export it can call our selling board.

Thin Green Raisin Trade

Different Types of Kashmar raisin

As it was mentioned earlier, some important towns in Iran like Takestan, Bonab, Malayer, and Malakan are important poles of producing raisin in this country.

It worth mentioning that other towns like Khalil Abad, Ghouchan, and Malakan are considered as important raisin producing centers in the east part of the country.

Main types of raisins produced in previously mentioned towns include:

  1. Thin green raisin used in nuts mixture
  2. Thin yellow raisin called golden raisin
  3. Nitrated raisin mainly produced in Ghouchan (town)

Beside these types of raisin, currant and grainy sundried raisins are produced too.

Kashmar productions are packed and sold in boxes for internal markets or exports.

  • Three-kilo boxes
  • Five-kilo boxes
  • Ten-kilo boxes (for export)

Weight of each pack includes the weight of the product and the box itself. For instants, the box of a pack of three kilos weighs 300 grams.

Kashmar Raisin Trade

How to Buy Green Raisin in Wholesale

As it was mention earlier, green raisin is sold in international markets and exported to many countries.

There is a good exporting market for this product as it is really unique.

Although Iran’s economic condition and international trades with other countries are critical, it was used to be a great, safe and guaranteed trade in the past provided that the prices were reasonable.

As it is mentioned in this site, our factory is located in Takestan (Ghazvin province, Iran), but our customers can purchase their demanded products in two ways:

  • The demanded product can be bought rare. Then, it can be washed and manufactured in the factory.
  • The demanded product can be bought manufactured, ready and packed with the name of our brand.

You can easily get access to the information about the prices through calling the selling unit or visiting this page.

Prices on 17/6/2020 are:

  1. Thin green raisin     1.85 $
  2. Thin yellow raisin       1.70 $

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