Major exporter of green raisins

The exporter of green raisins and golden raisins in large volumes is mainly present in this center, and customers who intend to buy these products directly from the factory can make direct purchases from production to consumption.


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Exporter of Green Raisins

Processing and packaging of high quality green raisins

Green raisins and golden golden raisins are the main export products of our country in the field of this type of nuts in Iran and many customers are looking to buy this product from all over the world. Because the production of this type of raisin in Iran is a monopoly and only at the disposal of our country.


Recently, during the last one or two years, following the rudeness of the officials of Afghan businessmen , they came to our country and the regions of Khorasan province and the cities of Kashmar and Khalilabad, which are the main producers of this product, and bought this type of raisins in large quantities. They took it to their country and sent it with their brand and name all over the world.


With these descriptions, the product discussed above, after its production, which usually occurs in late September and earlier than any other type of raisin in Iran, is mentioned, processed and prepared in the factories of the two regions, and in cartoons 3 and 5. One kilogram of packaging is done, but sometimes 10 kilograms of cartoons are also used for export.

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Exporter of Green Raisins

Export green raisins in bulk

Arad raisin production complex has a raisin factory in Takestan, Qazvin province , and as you are aware, this region does not produce green raisins , and in order to provide its customers who are looking to buy this product, it is necessary to process the product from Khorasan factories at a cheaper price. It is purchased and packaged in its own factory and will be priced at the same price as the production centers mentioned to their customers.


Arad Raisin Production Complex In addition to producing raisins, which can be referred to the two products mentioned above, acid raisins and golden raisins , also exports these products, ie customs process, hygiene and standardization . It also does it at personal expense and sends the cargo sealed to the customer anywhere in the world.


It should be noted that for customers who are looking to buy golden and green raisins, we mention the possibility that the buyer ‘s details, including brand, contact information, address or anything else , on the cartoons that these products in The filling will be inserted and this way the customer will be assured that he will not stray from his buyer.

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