Immediate sale of high quality Malayer golden raisins

Immediate sale of golden raisins produced by Malayer and Malekan, which are the main producers of this product in Iran, is done with high quality in this center, and buyers who intend to buy these products from production to consumption should contact the factory sales unit.


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Sale of Malayer raisins

Golden raisins Malayer and Malekan

First of all, we mention that golden raisins in Iran are divided into two categories: either round and round ,or pen and long .The first product is the products of Azerbaijan province and regions such as Malekan, Bonab and Maragheh as well as Malayer of Hamadan province and the second product is the products of Khorasan Razavi, Kashmar and Khalilabad provinces.


As we said in the title of this article, Malekan is a representative for East Azerbaijan province and all three regions of Malekan, Bonab and Maragheh produce this product in the same way and their product quality is equal.


But our discussion here is not yellow raisins , but the same product of rice and round, which is seedless and is a product of Azerbaijan and Hamedan provinces. This product is very suitable for export and Arab countries are among its major buyers.


But the difference between Azerbaijani raisins and Hamedan province is that the quality of Azerbaijan region is very high in that the grapes are hung from the yard after being soaked in acid and then sulfur is added to it, but in Hamedan province it is like this In the same way, sulfur is added to the basket so that the product will have several colors and will naturally have a lower quality.

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Sell ​​Golden Raisins

Immediate sale of high quality golden raisins

Malayer golden raisins are more suitable for weak markets such as Iraq, Syria and Ukraine. We explained above that the quality of its output is low, but if you want the cargo for a country like Algeria, Egypt, Qatar and the UAE, Get the job done.


Arad raisin production center is in Qazvin vineyard and this region is not one of the producers of golden raisins. Buy tail from gardeners of Azerbaijan province and process it in our factory.


Therefore, customers should keep in mind that the golden product, which is also called grape raisin ,golden raisin and smoked yellow raisin , and is produced in this center, is a product of the owners of East Azarbaijan province of Iran, and it is in 10 kg pure or 5 kg cartoons. You can receive it in pure form at the factory door.

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