Buying Exportable Raisin

Buying Exportable Raisin Directly from the Factory

It is easily possible to buy exportable raisin directly from the raisin producing factory through this web site. You can remove the mediums and do your shopping directly from this raisin producing center. Different Types of Exportable Raisin Iran is known as first 5 country producing the best raisins in the world exported to many […]

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Buying Sultana Raisin

Buying Exported Sultana Raisin with Reasonable Price

You can buy really reasonable Exported Sultana raisin from this producing center. Compare prices and qualities of our product then you will make sure you can find cheaper and more reasonable sultana or different kind of raisin here in our factory because you can buy the product you want directly from the producing source. To […]

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Price of Raisin For Exports

Price of Sultana Raisin For Exports

Sultana raisin (nitrated raisin) is one of the best products for export. It is well- known all over the world. Dear merchants or commerce centers can purchase this product here through this website with reasonable prices. Sultana, Nitrated or Sultani Raisin This type of raisin is produced widely in Iran. A great part of exportable […]

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Selling Packed Raisin

Buying and Selling Different Types of Packed Raisin

Different types of packed raisins in boxes and gunny bags are bought and sold in our producing center. All customers can easily purchase these products directly without any intermediators. Different Types of Packed Raisin in This Site Different types of raisins are packed in 3 forms: Boxes with 3 or 5 layers weighing 3, 4, […]

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Producing Exported Raisin

Producing Exported Sultana and Golden Raisin

Producing and packing Sultana and Golden (California) raisin qualified for exports is done in our factory located in Takestan, Qazvin province. Dear merchants who intend to purchase this product directly from the factory with the most reasonable prices without intermediators. Producing Different types of Raisin in Takestan, Qazvin Takestan, Shal, Esfarvarin and Narjeh located in […]

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Purchasing Golden Raisin

Purchasing Seedless California or Golden Raisin

We know California raisin as Golden raisin too. They are seedless and superfine. You can purchase the unique product through this website. California Raisin California raisin is called Golden raisin too. It is called California raisin as California, the US, is one of the producing center of golden raisin.   California raisin is the best […]

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Red Sundried Raisin

Updated Price of Red Sundried Raisin

You can easily get informed about the prices of sundried raisins sold in gunnysacks and red ones packed in boxes. Dear customers can purchase these products directly from our factory. Sundried Raisin in Iran Sundried raisin is widely sold in Internal markets. This product appears in two sorts. A sort of them is sold in […]

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Packed Raisins to Russia

Best Exportable Packed Raisins to Russia

Russia is one of the best countries importing raisins from Iran. This product is packed in the boxes weighing net 10 kilos. Exportable raisin made in Iran Iran is one of the best producing countries in the world as being a pioneer in producing oil. Iranian raisin is considered as one of the best key […]

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Updated Prices of Raisins

Updated Prices of Different Exportable Raisins

Beside purchasing directly from the factory, getting information about the updated raisin’s price and different types of this product qualified for exports is always possible for our dear customers. Different Types of Produced Raisins in Iran Iran has gotten a great place among ten first places in the world for producing different types of grapes […]

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