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The buyer on this site can enter into direct negotiations with the company producing and distributing golden rice raisins and provide these products, which are mostly used for export, with competitive prices and, of course, high quality.


malayer raisin (left) and bonab raisin (right) ⇓

Distribution of golden raisins

Production of golden rice raisins

Golden raisins are produced in large quantities in Iran and its best producers are East Azarbaijan and Malayer in Hamedan province in terms of the volume of landlords and Bonab, which is of better quality than the products of Hamedan province in terms of quality.


For this reason , golden raisins are also called pilaf raisins, because this product is mostly used for export and most of the best and best customers are those Arab countries, which are generally North Africa and the Persian Gulf countries , and it is used for pilaf and cooking in They are used next to rice, which is why it is also called rice product.


This type of raisin should be seedless and seedless, and the more yellow and golden the color, the higher the price and quality will be, because the color issue in this raisin is very important and vital, so in the production line of raisin factories in addition to sorting machine They also equip lasers and color converters to sort them according to the color of the product.


Knowing that Arad raisin production complex is located in Qazvin vineyard and this city is not the main producer of golden rice raisins , so to supply the customers of this center, it is necessary to buy the bulk cargo from gardeners and gardeners of East Azerbaijan province and in the factory of this center. Which is in Qazvin vineyard, its processing and packaging works should be done.

super golden raisins ⇓

Distribution of golden raisins

The price of golden raisins

This product is also called by other names, which can be referred to as grape raisin and California raisin , and as mentioned above, it is mostly used for export and is used for exporting pure cartoons, which are 5 or 10 kg, which is common. .


But its current price, ie summer 1400, is equivalent to 1.5 $ per kilo . If you are looking for a good cargo that your customer or buyer will not return across the border, the price is the same now, but if you are considering golden raisins for weak markets such as Iraq, Syria, Belarus, Bulgaria and Ukraine . Meet your needs from Malayer products.


If you are looking to buy this product, you should know that you can register your purchase in person or inside Iran and receive the goods in the same way in our country and within the border. But for some customers of this product who are abroad and do not have access to our country, at least until further notice, we have provided this possibility, and by hiring a staff for this, we can do all customs, transit, health and standard work, and finally Perform quarantine and send the shipment directly to you.

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