Direct distribution of golden raisins for export

The direct distribution of golden raisins for export is done in this center, which is the producer and packer of these products in the vineyards of Qazvin province , and traders who are looking to buy this type of raisins for export can access the best quality on this site.


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Direct distribution of raisins

Production of export golden raisins

Golden raisins are one of the best products of Iran for export to Arab countries, especially North Africa and the Persian Gulf , and Iran is one of the best producers of this product in the world, along with the United States and Uzbekistan.


This product, which is also called grape raisin , California raisin and yellow rice raisin , is produced in large quantities in areas such as Malekan and Bonab of East Azerbaijan province and Malayer of Hamadan province, but if you are looking for high quality of this product, you should definitely make East Azerbaijan products. Make your purchase, otherwise for markets such as Iraq and Syria, Malayer products are recommended.


Although this center has production activities in the vineyards of Qazvin province, but to supply customers inside and outside Iran, it is necessary to have the best quality of golden raisins . Therefore, since this region specializes in the production of this product, it has purchased this type of raisins in bulk and unprocessed from the owners of East Azarbaijan province from the courtiers of those regions, and in its factory, processing and packaging works on it. Does.


Of course, to start the 1401-1400 season , a program has been set up in this center that includes Malayer raisins in its product portfolio to meet the needs of traders and customers who are also looking to buy this type of cargo.

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Distribution of golden raisins

Direct distribution of golden raisins in Iran

With the explanations given above, you have realized that you can buy your desired product, which can be golden raisins , directly from this center, which distributes its products directly, and make these products with the best possible grade in Buy 10 kg cartoons for export.


There are two ways to buy, or you are in Iran, where you can register your order in person or in person by paying a deposit, and when the goods are ready, you will come to the factory and complete the settlement after delivery. And you will send the cargo to wherever you want.


But there are times when the customer of this center is abroad, and there are several customers in the same way in countries such as Georgia, Armenia and Qatar, who have never seen the factory up close under any title, but after building trust. The initial amount will be received as a deposit from them and their order will be registered.


After processing and loading, the consignment is sent to the desired customs and the customs officer (with prior coordination, of course, who will also receive the cost of this work) has the duty to perform standard and hygienic work and receipt of these items for the customer of the production complex. Raisin Arad, fax or e-mail The customer will settle when he notices these cases and this process is repeated every month due to repeated orders.

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