Wholesale seedless rice raisins for export

Wholesale export of seedless rice raisins from the best products of Qazvin, Malayer, Hamadan and Malekan vineyards of Azerbaijan province is done in this center, and customers who intend to buy directly from the factory should put their contact number on different pages of the site with the factory sales section. Have been called.


Yellow rice raisins ⇓

Wholesale rice raisins

All kinds of export raisins

In general, any round raisin that is seedless is called pilaf or rice raisin ,which may be produced in different colors in our country, but not all of them are suitable for export.


In general, products that are acidic are suitable for export, as they can be stored for up to two years , and this can be great for the buyer because they will be stored in the refrigerator if the volume Buy them high.


There are so many buyers in the world for different types of raisins that if our relations with other countries were normal, we could easily take over the market of these countries, but unfortunately, most of these products are now sent to neighboring countries.


But if we are going to name three pilaf products that are for export, which are produced in large volumes in Iran, they are as follows:

  1. 1-Yellow rice raisins, also called grapes and California.
  2. 2-Acid rice raisins , also known as Soltani.
  3. 3-And Acid rice raisins without sulfur, which are actually the same acid that has not been sulfurized.


Acid rice raisins without sulfur ⇓

Wholesale export raisins

Direct sale of raisins from the factory

Because this center has a raisin factory and a center for the production and processing of these products, in addition to being active in the field of exporting these products, it also sells these products in the domestic market in large volumes, which are packaged in cartoons, which may be 5, 9 and 10 kg.


The second and third products mentioned above are the exclusive products of gardeners and farmers in Takestan region, but because this city is highly specialized in the production of grape raisins or yellow leeks, like the owners of East Azerbaijan province, which is the main producer of these products. No, so we have to buy the load in bulk from gardeners and farmers in those areas to be processed in the vineyard factory.


The important point is that all three products mentioned above are guaranteed to the customer that with the same quality that this factory delivers to you, you will not find a cheaper price in the vineyard, so that if you find it in You should doubt the quality of all the cartoons you get , or that they may have increased the weight of the cartoon a little, thus reducing the overall price, so be careful.

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