Selling number one sultani raisins in high tonnage

The sale of number one sultani raisins in high tonnage is done in this center, which is the site of one of the factories for the production and packaging of raisins in Qazvin vineyard, and customers can buy directly from the producer.


sultani raisins with sulfur ⇓

 Sell ​​sultani raisins

Number one sultani raisins for export

A person who wants sultani raisins in high tonnage definitely intends to export them, and since Iran is one of the main producers of this product in the world, you can definitely access different qualities in our country from different regions. Be.


Because if you want number one and high-quality raisins ,you should definitely buy from Qazvin vineyard products , but if you are looking for cheaper and definitely lower quality raisins, Malayer products from Hamedan and Quchan in Khorasan province are recommended.


This center also has a factory for the production and packaging of these products in the vineyards of Qazvin province, and you can contact Mr. Mostafa Eini to inquire about the price and first receive the real film from him on one of the social networks.


Then, if you calculated the price from the origin to the destination and saw that it was cost-effective for you, a sample will be sent to you.

sultani raisins without sulfur ⇓

 number one acid raisins

Sell sultani raisins factory door

Since in this center, you will be in direct contact with the factory sales unit to inquire about the price or any other question, so it should be mentioned that the prices are also considered at the factory door.


The sultani or acidic raisins that are produced in this center are seedless and seedless and are produced and packaged in the best possible quality. The production line of this center is equipped with a laser sorting machine and by doubling the quality of the load output will reach its best. On the other hand, the type of packaging of this center is for export of 10 and 5 kg ,which is done in Korean quality cartoons. Be.


The important thing is that customers need to know that raisins are sultani in two categories. It will not turn into date raisins in this case and this product is also suitable for export.


For customers who are also outside Iran, it is possible that you will deposit an amount as a deposit to the factory account through an exchange office, and usually a custom container will be ready within a week ,following the customs and standard work in the same center and In the city of Qazvin, the seal will be sent to you, and of course you will do the settlement before reaching the customs or any border point.

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