International Price of Exportable Sundried Raisin

You can call Arad raisin producing and packing factory to get information about three types of exportable sundried, golden and nitrated raisin.

Exportable Sundried Raisin

Different Types of Sundried raisin for Exports

Sundried raisin is a common term we deal with in raisin business. It is known as round or tiny size raisin found in different colors like yellow, brown and dark red.


This product is produced in great amounts in our country (Iran). This product is also exported in different amounts based on the target country’s demand. In another word, yellow and brown raisins are more exported then the red ones.


It is the time to point out to different types of sundried raisin produced in our country:

  1. Sundried yellow raisin is known as golden or California raisin too. The best producing centers are located in Bonab, Malakan (Azerbaijan province) and Malayer (Hamedan province).
  2. Nitrated brown raisin produced in Takestan (Qazvin province) and Malayer (Hamedan province).
  3. Sundried red raisin produced in Takestan (Qazvin province) and Malayer (Hamedan province).

International Price of Raisin

Exporting Price of Sundried Raisin

Arad raisin producing company is active both in national and international markets. This factory produces all three t types of raisin mentioned before in the best level of quality Price of this exportable product in changeable depending on the rate of currency. Accordingly, you can call the sales manager of the factory through the phone call mentioned in this page to get the latest price changes.


All three types of sundried raisin mentioned earlier were packed in net 10- kilo boxes with 5 protective layers. These boxes are shrink packed and delivered to the customers right at the factory.

  1. Sundried yellow raisin produced in Malakan costs 1.3$
  2. Sundried brown raisin produced in Takestan costs 1.1$
  3. Sundried red raisin produced in Takestan costs 1$


You can easily ask Mr. Eini the sales manager of the company for more information about the prices. After that you can purchase your needed product directly at the factory. You can visit the producing lines as well.

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