Producing Excellent Exportable Yellow and Golden raisin

Golden or yellow raisin is produced in Arad raisin producing factory (Takestan, Qazvin province) with the best quality to be exported. You can call the selling center of this factory to order your demanded product.

Producing Yellow raisin

Excellent Yellow and Golden Raisin

Yellow raisin which is called golden raisin too is produced in Iran to be exported. This product is in two types. One is excellent sundried round yellow raisin produced in Malakan, Bonab, Maraqeh, and Malayer (towns in Iran) and the other type is thin yellow raisin which is longer in shape produced in Kashmar and Khalil Abad (Khorasan province, Iran).


Arad raisin producing factory located in Takestan, Qazvin province, Iran produces and packs both above mentioned types of raisin with the best quality. You can get connected to the selling unit of the factory to access more information about the quality and all details you need.


In general, round sundried yellow raisin is mostly exported to Arab countries. As our customers ask for the best products, this factory produces the best kind of yellow or golden raisin in Iran.


As it was mentioned earlier, the best type of golden raisin is produced in Malakan (Azerbaijan province, Iran) in which the grapes are hung from the bars to be dried. But, our producing center (located in Qazvin province) has tried to buy the best golden grapes from the gardens in Malakan and process them into golden raisin in our own factory even with better quality and appearance compared to Malakan’s product.

Exportable Golden raisin

Exportable Golden Raisin’s Price

Here we are going to talk about the best exportable raisin produced in Iran which is known as sundried golden raisin.


This product is sold 1.1 $ per kilo in Arad raisin producing factory while it is sol 1.15 $  in Malakan or 1.2 $ even in nearby factories where our factory is.


But if you are looking for golden raisin with less price and quality, Malayer’s product is suggested. This product’s price is about 10 percent cheaper than our product and subsequently not very rich in quality. This product is mostly asked by some countries like Iraq or Syria but other Arab counties prefer the best quality of golden raisin produced in Malakan (Azerbaijan province) or our factory (Takestan, Qazvin province).

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