Buy Kashmar green raisins from the factory

Purchasing yellow and green raisins produced in Kashmar and Khalilabad of Khorasan Razavi province in this center is possible directly from the factory , and customers who intend to supply this type of raisins with export and high quality can contact the sales department of this production center.


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Buy green raisins

Green and yellow raisins produced in Kashmar and Khalilabad

One of the types of raisins that is produced in Iran and in regions such as Kashmar and Khalilabad of Khorasan province and this product is widely used both for export and for sale in the domestic market is green raisins and yellow raisins .


In general, these products are known as seedless and seedless, but among the products of a cartoon, seeded and seeded, this product is also available, and among other products, it is so-called mixed, which is the nature of this type of raisin.


To produce green and yellow raisins , grapes are soaked in acid, which has a preservative effect, so that it can be stored for up to 2 years . And to a large extent, this will be done, which will eventually turn into a yellow raisin.


But in a green product, no matter how much the color of the product turns green, that is, the so-called sulfur smoke in it is very low, this product will have a much higher price, and naturally the amount of production is very limited.

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Green raisin factory

Direct purchase of raisins from Arad production complex

Arad raisin production complex, although operating in the vineyards of Qazvin province, but to supply its customers who are looking to buy green raisins and golden raisins , it is necessary to ship in bulk from the manufacturers of Kashmar and Khalilabad, with whom it has a working relationship. Will buy and do the packaging work in his factory and will price exactly the same price that the production centers of Khorasan province give to their customers.


Of course, this relationship is two-way and the factories of Khorasan province enter into cooperation with Arad Group in this way.


In general, the green and yellow pen products are packaged in 3 and 5 kg cartoons, and customers are more likely to buy these products in this type of packaging inside Iran or for export.


But in the factory of Arad Production Complex, these products are packed in 5 and 10 kg cartoons, and when you contact the sales manager of the collection, you are given the price of the factory door, which is a natural estimate of transit costs, which is the vineyard of Qazvin province. It is up to you to reach the destination, and if it’s so-called economical for you, you can enter into negotiations.

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