Provider of high quality soltani raisins

High quality soltani raisins from Qazvin province vineyard products are processed and produced in this center, and customers can make their purchases directly from the factory and the provider of these products in person or in absentia.


soltani raisins without sulfur ⇓

Provide quality raisins

soltani or royal raisins

One of the main products that are produced and processed in large volumes in our country is soltani raisin or royal raisin . These products are produced in Iran both in the form of kernels and non-kernels, but in any case, the amount of sales of soltani raisins The core is much larger both for export and for sale in the domestic market.


Takestan region of Qazvin and Malayer provinces of Hamedan province has the highest production of these products in our country, but the quality of the vineyard product is much higher than Malayer product and customers who are looking to buy high quality raisins should definitely buy their own vineyard products. Malayer raisins are recommended if you are looking for a cheaper load that will have a lower quality .


In general, raisin factories in Iran pack soltani or acidic raisins for export in 5 and 10 kg cartoons, but for the domestic market ,9 kg cartoons are used, which will be 3 layers for the domestic market and 5 layers for export.

soltani raisins with sulfur ⇓

high quality soltani raisins

Provide quality soltani raisins

Arad raisin production complex in Qazvin vineyard also has the activity of production and packaging of raisins and in order to meet the needs of its customers who are looking to buy a high quality and first-class product, it uses the products of this region to process raisins. To produce golden raisins, which are in the supply basket of this center, will use the products of the owners of East Azerbaijan province of Iran, which has the best golden product in our country.


By contacting the sales unit of this collection under the management of Mr. Mostafa Eini ,you can receive all kinds of information that you need from him. Or how you can pick up the cargo.


In addition to the sour raisins mentioned above, in this center , golden raisins and sun-dried raisins are also produced in a very high volume and are available in the warehouse, and provide in-person purchase for customers who intend to buy in large volumes of these products. We have made them buy with more confidence.

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