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Organic raisins and raisins can be purchased in the form of 10 kg bags and cartons in this center, and customers who intend to buy directly from the factory can contact the sales department of this site.


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Organic raisins and raisins

In our country, most consumers and customers call organic raisins, currants and raisins as products that have been dried in the sun or in the shade and have not been soaked in chemicals such as acid, sulfur or edible paraffin oil .


But in general, products that do not use fertilizers and pesticides under any heading, or even if it is used in a permitted type, to a certain extent, these products are called organic currants and raisins.


In this center, both products mentioned above are available and it is possible to sell it in the form of a bag that may be between 20 and 40 kg or a carton that is generally 9 and 10 kg .


Organic raisins with the characteristics of permitted fertilizer and poison and dry sun in bags and sacks from the exclusive products of Qazvin vineyard and organic raisins from the products of Fars province, completely cleaned traditionally and without the intervention of the machine, can be sold in 10 kg cartons.

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Arad raisin production complex in Takestan, Qazvin province, has a raisin factory and specializes in exporting or selling these products in the domestic market, both organically and non-organically.


The construction of various sites that are affiliated with this company is due to the fact that traditional marketing has been eliminated and customers not only in Iran but also from all over the world can contact the factory and production complex directly and inquire about the factory door price.


Among the products offered in this center are acid raisins ,golden raisins ,rice raisins ,bulk raisins that are not processed and imported raisins such as Uzbek and Afghan .


Buying a customer’s logo can be both in person at the factory door and in person anywhere in Iran. In this way, an amount will be received from you as a deposit , your order will be ready and delivered by freight, and when the freight arrives, it will be sent to you and you will see the settlement. If the workload is high, the cargo will be sent to you by van and truck, in which case you will settle when the car arrives at your warehouse door.

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