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Trading companies that work in the field of nuts also have high quality raisins, including green raisins, in their export orders, but because they are not producers themselves, they will definitely sell the product to you at a higher price.


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Green Raisin Company

Production of high quality green raisins

Green raisins and yellow raisins or Peykami are the products of Kashmar and Khalilabad of Khorasan Razavi province and there are many factories in these centers, including Bardaskan industrial town, which process and package these products.


Now , trading companies that operate throughout Iran or even outside Iran and also work in the field of nuts know well that raisins are also an export product and it is possible to send it to all over the world.


Now the company has naturally procured the product it needs from raisin factories , which may even give the cartoon to the factory with the brand of the center and the contact number of this center on it to fill the product, not in the factory cartoons.


The important thing here is that the product that you get may not be qualitatively different from the factory products, but there is a difference in price with it, so that the price is definitely the same as the profit of the trading company itself. It will be given to their customer who naturally has a higher rate than the factory rate.

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Raisin Trading Company

Selling all kinds of factory door raisins

But you have to consider why sometimes customers want to buy from a trading company and not buy directly from the factory?

The answer is very simple, and that is that the customer sometimes likes to have zero to one hundred exports to the trading company, and all he has to do is take delivery of the goods in his warehouse.


Now in this center, ie Arad raisin production complex, which has a factory for producing and packing raisins in the vineyard of Qazvin province, will do this creativity and will do the same thing that the trading company does for its customer (without receiving any payment from the customer). , Which means that in addition to being able to place an order at exactly the same price as the factory, you can also pick up your cargo at the warehouse door.


For example , you can order green raisins and yellow raisins and register it as a deposit, all production processes will be done, and then the customs, standard, health and transit licenses of this center and This collection does and will send the shipment to you wherever you are in the world.


It should be noted that this collection is in Qazvin vineyard and in addition to the products mentioned above , acid raisins , golden raisins and sunny raisins are also in the center’s product portfolio and it is possible to sell it with the best possible quality.

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