Updated Price of Red Sundried Raisin

You can easily get informed about the prices of sundried raisins sold in gunnysacks and red ones packed in boxes. Dear customers can purchase these products directly from our factory.

Price of Sundried Raisin

Sundried Raisin in Iran

Sundried raisin is widely sold in Internal markets. This product appears in two sorts. A sort of them is sold in gunnysacks and you can see small pieces of grape tree branches with it. the other sort is manufactured and packed in boxes.


As this type of raisin is really easy to be produced, it is produced in large amount. Besides, it is used by Iranians frequently, specially the seedless type.


The price of sundried raisin presented in gunnysack mainly depends on how much clean and sweet it is. Seedless raisins are always sold better and higher in price. Another factor is how many times the raisins are sorted by special sorting systems. The more times they are sorted the higher they cost.


Sundried producing centers in Iran are two towns called Takestan, Qazvin province and Malayer, Hamedan province. Their products are sold in boxes of 9 or 8.5 kilos.

Price of Red Raisin

Updated Prices of Sundried Raisins

Fortunately, the prices have not been changed this year.

If you want to know about the prices, you can take a look at the following points:

  1. All prices are updated at the beginning of raisin season, in October or December.
  2. Amount of raisin produced in Iran is really hard. The geographical circumstances of some parts of Iran makes it possible to raise great types of grapes and perfect raisins subsequently.
  3. When all factors are suitable to raise grape, the amount raisin produced increases and this leads to the deduction of prices, fortunately.


Every season we face an increase in prices (25 percent) which seems normal as the elemental material to manufacture the raisin increases every year.

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