Malayer Golden Raisin Distribution Reference

The reference for distributing golden raisins produced by Malayer and Qazvin vineyards is located on this site, which is under the supervision of a factory for the production and packaging of raisins, and customers can make their purchases in person or in person.


Malekan Golden raisins ⇓

Malayer raisin player

Production of golden raisins for export

Golden raisins or grape raisins are our country’s export products and many countries around the world buy this product. Products that are produced in large quantities every year in the cities of Bonab and Malekan in East Azerbaijan province, Malayer in Hamadan province and Takestan in Qazvin province.


This type of raisin is seedless and seedless and its size is about 10 miles and as its name suggests, it has a yellow and gold color and is packaged in 5 or 10 kg pure cartons for export.


Numerous factories in the cities mentioned above process these products. In general, it is very important to know that the more yellow seeds in a cartoon of this product, the higher the price. And the lower it is, the cheaper the price will definitely be for the customer.


With the explanation given above, you should also know that if you hang the grapes of this product from the yard after being soaked in acidic liquid and then sulfur it, it will get a better quality and color, and if it is inside the basket of this sulfur If done, mixed colors will definitely be seen among the product and this will reduce the quality of the product.

Malayer Golden Raisins ⇓

Golden raisin player

Raisin distribution reference from the factory

In this collection, ie the production of Arad raisins, it is possible for the direct shipment from the producer and the factory owner to reach the customer. Now, this customer can be inside Iran or outside our country. His contact is placed on all pages of the site.


Golden raisins are also produced in this collection with high quality. Products that are purchased in bulk from the gardeners and gardeners of Bonab and Malekan, who produce the highest quality of these products in Iran, and in the vineyard factory, processing, washing and packaging are done. To take.


For the customers of this collection who are also looking to buy Malayer golden raisins , it is possible to buy the load from Malayeri gardeners and the same process will be done on it. The mentioned product, as you are aware, has a lower quality and is suitable for markets such as Iraq, Syria, Belarus, Ukraine and Russia .


Now that we are in the middle of December 1400, the price of golden raisins in the best possible quality and export is 2.8 $ per kilogram , and Malayer product, which has a lower quality, will cost 2 $ Tomans per kilogram at the factory door for the customer.

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