Daily price of acidic raisins in Malekan

To inquire about the daily price of acidic raisins in Malekan and Bonab, which are one of the producers of these products in our country, you can benefit through the communication channels located on this site.


Acidic raisins ⇓

The price of acidic raisins

Malekan, one of the producers of raisins in Iran

East Azarbaijan province, along with Qazvin, Hamedan, Fars and Khorasan Razavi provinces, is one of the main producers of raisins in Iran, and these regions, due to having different grapes in terms of color and appearance, have different raisins. Be.


In this province, three cities play the most important role in the production of these products. We should mention the names of Malekan, Bonab and Maragheh , and the existence of many factories in these three cities are responsible for processing and packaging various types of raisins.


If we are going to name the most famous and famous products of these three cities, we should definitely mention the name of golden raisins or grape raisins , which are yellow in color and have no kernels and are very suitable for export, especially to Arab countries.


But in the second category, we must mention the name of acidic raisins , which is produced and processed not in the volume of golden product, but in a high amount. Of course, it should be noted that the acidic product that these areas produce is in a low category in terms of quality, and if it is to be compared, it is lower than the vineyard raisins both in terms of price and quality.

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Prices of raisins Malkan

The price of homeowners acid raisins

Malekan acid raisins should be called something like Malayer acid product, and if you are looking to buy this product at a more affordable price, which of course has a lower quality, the products of these areas will be useful to you, knowing that the three cities mentioned in the province East Azerbaijan is a leader in producing high quality golden raisins in Iran.


Currently in Takestan, the price of acidic or soltani raisins with the best quality produced in our country is invoiced for export of 1.7 $ per kilogram .


In general, people who are looking to buy an acid product in Iran, whether in the form of sulfur or without sulfur, buy from Malayer, Takestan and Quchan, and much less in other areas such as Malekan and Bonab, Zanjan, Abhar and Arak will go.


This collection processes and packages raisins in Takestan city and transports its products directly to the factory door for both export and sale in the domestic market. Or you are buying these products directly, contact the sales manager of the factory by phone.

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