Production of Kashmar green raisins

The production of golden and green raisins is done in Kashmar and Khalilabad of Khorasan province, and many factories in these two cities and the industrial town of Bardaskan process and package these products.


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Production of raisins

Production of green and golden raisins

Green raisins and yellow raisins are among the exclusive products of our country that are produced in Kashmar and Khalilabad of Khorasan Razavi province and these products are used both for the domestic market and for export, provided that its stock is available throughout the year from the beginning. Chapter guaranteed.


At least in the last few years, the stock of the two mentioned products has not been good at all, and when we reached the first six months of the year and started the spring, we saw a strange increase in the prices of the mentioned products, which of course all goes back to the beginning. Tact of the authorities.


In this way, Afghan and Pakistani traders are allowed to easily enter the system of buying and selling the mentioned raisins among gardeners and buy these products at higher prices, and thus, the pricing system is disrupted. they did.


However, because green and yellow raisins are among the special products of our country and there are few regions in the world that produce it, so there were many customers for it, but we really do not know recently that all of them are exported from Iran. Or supplied from Afghanistan and Pakistan.

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Production of green raisins

Packaging and sale of Kashmar raisins

If we are to divide the country’s products into two general categories, we must say that either raisins are produced in Iran or raisins . Plow products are generally related to areas such as Qazvin vineyard, Malayer Hamedan and Bonab, the owners of West Azerbaijan province, and pen products are also related to the same province of Khorasan.


Although Arad raisin production complex is located in Takestan and naturally this region does not produce green raisins , but in order to meet and meet the needs of its customers, these products must be in their product portfolio.


In this way, if it was custom-made, the cargo would be processed in Khorasan factories before the packaging stage and packaged in Takestan, Malayer or any other place, and at exactly the same price as those centers to the customer. Prices will be priced in this center.


In general, Kashmar products are packaged and sold in 3 and 5 kg cartoons , but the best and most suitable packaging is especially for the export of 10 kg net, so that both the cartoons can be counted easily and they can be loaded in the best condition. It can happen.

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