Buying Exportable Raisin Directly from the Factory

It is easily possible to buy exportable raisin directly from the raisin producing factory through this web site. You can remove the mediums and do your shopping directly from this raisin producing center.

Buying Exportable Raisin

Different Types of Exportable Raisin

Iran is known as first 5 country producing the best raisins in the world exported to many countries. It exports a great mount of exportable raisin to many countries.

Raisins produced in Iran are in great level of quality and standard degree of humidity.


You’d better to get familiar with different exported types of raisin:

1.Nitrated or Sultana raisin

2.California or Golden raisin

3.Thin yellow and green raisin made in Kashmar and Khalil Abad located in Khorasan province


Generally, the above mention items are considered as the exportable products. Beside this, currant and sundried are exported too, but it is not as hugely produce as other types of raisin mentioned earlier.

Buying Raisin Directly

Price of Different Types of Raisins to Export in 8/30/2020

We had a very great year in 2020 in case of selling and exporting raisin. We’ll have a better year in 2021 as we had a great circumstance for raising and drying grapes. Our coming products are in higher level of quality as it was predicted.


Considering this, Arad Raisin Producing Center is doing International marketing. Let’s take a look at the updated prices of our products:

  1. Nitrated or Sultana raisin      1.1$ per kilo
  2. California or Golden raisin      2.6$ per kilo

Every October our newly produced raisin are released to the markets.

the Factory Exportable Raisin

How to Buy Raisin Directly?

Buying raisin directly from the factory means when you buy the product without mediums which usually sell the products to you with higher prices. You can buy raisins directly from our factory which produces and packs the products. It is located in Takestan, Qazvin province, one of the bet raisin producing centers in Iran.

You can get more information about the updated prices of different type of raisin just by calling the selling manager of the factory.


Then we can have a meeting in our central office located in Tehran, Iran for further conversations and negotiations. If you like, you can visit the factory located in Takestan, Qazvin province not very far from Tehran. Our factory is facilitated to produce and pack at most 5 tons a day.

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