Buying Exported Sultana Raisin with Reasonable Price

You can buy really reasonable Exported Sultana raisin from this producing center. Compare prices and qualities of our product then you will make sure you can find cheaper and more reasonable sultana or different kind of raisin here in our factory because you can buy the product you want directly from the producing source. To get further information just call the selling manager.

Buying Exported Sultana Raisin

Buying cheap and reasonable Sultana 8/26/2020

Up to date reasonable prices of Sultana raisin:

  1. Sultana raisin produce in Malayer      1$ per kilo
  2. Sultana raisin produce in Takestan       1.05$ per kilo

As you know Sultana is a sort of nitrated raisin.

All previously mentioned products are generally packed in boxes of net 10 kilos, but sometimes t is found in boxes of 5 kilos for some countries like Iraq.


We should point out to this matter that the products can be packed in the way that the customer orders. You can order what should be printed on the boxes. It means that you can order us to print you brand, trade mark, logo, phone numbers, etc… on the packs.

Buying Raisin with Reasonable Price

Which Area in Iran Produces the best Type of Sultana Raisins?

There are lots of villages and town that produce nitrated or Sultana raisin in Iran, but let’s name some of the best ones:

  1. Takestan, located in Qazvin province
  2. Malayer, located in Hamedan province
  3. Bonab, located in Azerbaijan province
  4. Qouchan, located in Khorasan province
  5. Zanjan center of Zanjan province


The best type of sultana or nitrated raisin is the seedless one which is one of the best sellers in Iran and international markets. It is considered as ne exportable product.

When the grapes are picked they are sent to the factory. Then, standard amount of nitrate acid is added to the grapes. After that, the nitrated grapes are put in the sun to get dried.

Nitrate acid helps grapes get dried and, at it makes the raisins last for to 2 years.

Sultana Raisin with Reasonable Price

Buying Different Types of Exported Raisin from The Factory

As this raisin producing center related to this site produces and packs different types of raisin in Iran, you can buy these products with the best and the most reasonable prices compared to other centers because you buy directly from the factory.

  1. Call the selling manager to get consultation
  2. After getting information, you can have a meeting in our central office in Tehran.


You can have this chance to visit the factory located in Takestan, Qazvin province, and do your shopping after visiting.


Our international customers can order after paying the deposit. Then, you can pay the rest of money after loading the product on the transiting ship. You can make sure of loading the product through the sent official lading bill and related custom duties paper. All needed certifications will be sent to you to let you make sure of them to pay the rest of the money according to the contract.

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