Price of Sultana Raisin For Exports

Sultana raisin (nitrated raisin) is one of the best products for export. It is well- known all over the world. Dear merchants or commerce centers can purchase this product here through this website with reasonable prices.

Sultana Raisin For Exports

Sultana, Nitrated or Sultani Raisin

This type of raisin is produced widely in Iran. A great part of exportable raisin involves Sultana raisin.

There is a general rule for exportable raisin: This rule is that the product must be seedless to worth exporting.


We should consider this matter that nitrated and Sultana are the same products with different names that they are produced in a special way:

  1. In Iran at the end of summer, grapes are picked by the gardeners, then the edible liquid of potassium carbonate is added to the picked grapes. It stays in the liquid for a few seconds.
  2. Then, the grapes are put on the ground to get dried well. It takes about 5 days.
  3. Then, they are sent to the factory to become manufactured.
  4. In the factory, some mount of the dried grapes get Sulphur. Some of them don’t get any Sulphur which are changed to another type of raisin called sundried one.

Price of Raisin For Exports

Price of Nitrated or Sultana raisin in April 2020

This product is an exported one.

Let’s take a look at the prices:

  • Nitrated or Sultana raisin not manufactured      0.75 $ per kilo
  • Nitrated or Sultana raisin for exports    1.2 $ per kilo
  • Nitrated or Sultana raisin for internal markets      a box weighing 9 kilos costs 10.4 $
  • Nitrated or Sultana raisin (without Sulphur) for internal markets      1.1 $ per kilo


It is time to take a look at some points about packing raisins in this producing center:

  1. Boxes of 9 kilos (8.5 net weight) for internal markets
  2. Boxes of net 10 kilos for exports
  3. Three-layer boxes foe internal markets and five-layer boxes for exports which are shrink packed to be safe while transiting.

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