Sultani raisin distribution company in bulk

In this company, in addition to producing different types of raisins, it is possible to distribute these products directly, including sultani raisins in bulk, and customers who are looking to buy these products from production to consumption have a good opportunity.


Sultani raisin without sulfur ⇓

Raisin Distribution Company

Production of high sultani raisins

Acid raisin or Soltani raisin is a strategic product for Iranian nuts and because it has a very high export volume, almost most raisin factories produce and process it on the agenda so that in addition to selling in the domestic market can have a share in the export market. To be.


Unfortunately, due to wrong decisions by incompetent officials, the sale of these products has become difficult for the export debate, and due to the inconsistency of the current price of raisins with the exchange rate , it has become unprofitable for foreign customers to buy it. They were able to capture the sales market well.


Acidic raisins , also known as seedless Thomson across the border, are harvested from seedless grapes in mid-September and used to produce acidic liquid that can be stored for a long time.


When this product is ready, there are two cases: either it is sulfurized or it is not sulfurized, which in the first case becomes the same product as discussed above, but in the second case it will turn into a date raisin , which Each of the mentioned products has its own customers, both for the domestic market and for export.

Sultani raisin with sulfur ⇓

Raisin Distribution Company

Direct distribution of major sultani raisins

This collection also has a raisin processing company in Qazvin vineyard and distributes its products directly throughout Iran or for export, so when you contact the sales manager of the factory, you can buy the factory door at a price. Have a competitive and of course new quality.


Both of the products mentioned above are packaged and sold in the domestic market in 8.5 kg cartoons and for the export market in 5 and 10 kg cartoons .


It should be mentioned that the products of this collection are from Takestan raisins and this region has the highest quality of acidic raisins in Iran if the country market is the destination you intend to export or even sell in the domestic market where you intend to do it. You want medium products with cheap prices. This center can not help you, but if you consider the most luxurious mode of cargo, the products of this center and the city of Takestan can provide you with the best possible quality.

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