Exceptional sale of acidic rice raisins

The exceptional sale of acidic rice raisins (for cooking) from the best products of Qazvin vineyard has started in this center, and loved ones who are looking to buy these products with high quality can inquire about the price from the sales unit of this factory that is present on this site.


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 acidic rice raisins

Production of acidic rice raisins

If we are going to name the largest amount of raisin exports in Iran, we should definitely consider the name of sour raisins , which are exported in the form of rice to its importing countries, which can generally be referred to as Russia and Ukraine.


Acid raisins are also called soltani or sultana, but when it is referred to as ploui, it means that the size of the product must be less than 10 miles, and in general, customers are much larger than ploui sample, which is more than 10 miles.


In almost all areas where grapes are available, acidic raisins are also produced, and despite the difficulty of producing, farmers and gardeners prefer to produce products that increase in price with the exchange rate, so that they can make more profit. Unfortunately, this will not always happen in the turbulent Iranian market.


Takestan region of Qazvin province along with Malayer of Hamedan province have the highest production of this type of product, if you are looking to buy luxury and high quality goods, Takestan products , otherwise Malayer products are offered to you, which has a lower price.

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Sell ​​raisins

Sell acidic​​ raisins at a reasonable price

For this reason, it is said that sour raisins are offered to the customer at a reasonable price in this center, because exactly the same quality that is produced in this center is also produced by neighboring factories in Takestan, which have a name and an official name for themselves. But with a big difference and that, for example, in early October, 1400 kg, 0.5 $ more expensive than this center, they price the same product to their customers.


To find out if this collection says it right or wrong, just take a sample of 200 grams from the two mentioned collections, and if the quality of the product is the same, now check their price, well understand the issue mentioned above. You will be.


It should be noted that we have two types of acidic or sultana raisins in Iran, both of which are prepared in this collection with the best possible quality, one is sulfur and the other is when it is not smoked with sulfur, in which case it will turn into date raisins.


The packaging of the products mentioned in the cartoon is 3 layers and 9 kg for the domestic market and 5 layers and 10 kg net for the export market . So there is no cellophane packaging in this collection that you should pay special attention to this issue.

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