Wholesale Soltani raisins at cheap prices

In this center, it is possible to sell Soltani raisins at a cheap price directly from the factory , and traders and commercial companies that intend to buy the mentioned products can contact the sales unit of this production center.


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The price of raisins

Processing of royal raisins in the vineyard

Takestan region of Qazvin province is one of the main producers of raisins, especially pilaf raisins in Iran, and these pilaf products are available in 4 colors : yellow, light brown, dark brown and red , and in addition to the domestic market for export, many of them use.


The light and dark brown rice product is called Soltani raisin or acid raisin, the best producer of which is in our country in Takestan region of Qazvin province, and it will be in the next categories of Malayer, Quchan, Zanjan and Abhar cities. Looking to buy cheaper products, the products of these areas will be useful.


There are many factories in Takestan that process the mentioned products and the kind of obsession that gardeners and farmers of this region have with its manufacturers has made the output of this region the best in terms of color and taste of the product in Iran.


The production procedure is as follows: it is the gardener and the farmer who turns the grapes into royal raisins and then sells them to the factory for processing. At this time, after processing on the production line, the color of the product may be mentioned if The production of sulfur sample should be low, so the production center will smoke sulfur to make the final product a little brighter.

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Cheap royal raisins

Buy raisins at a cheap price

It is said that cheap price does not mean breaking the producers’ market and the final price of raisins is not supposed to be cheaper than usual, but considering the quality that is delivered to the customer in this collection, you can easily agree with other producers of the product. Compare and you will be assured that the price offered in this center will be the floor rate.


At present, Soltani raisins in the best quality sulfur sample are 1.8 $ per kilogram and in the sulfur-free sample is 1.6 $ per kilogram, which is 14 $ for the domestic market and in pure 8.5 kg cartoons. The sulfur sample is 13.5 $ and the sulfur-free sample is 12.5 $ . Rials will cost the factory door.


It should be noted that for some customers who want a medium quality sample, which will generally be Soltani Malayer, this will also be done in this collection. In general, two different qualities are placed in front of the customer with two different prices, and it is he who decides which one to buy.


Malayer Soltani raisins will be about 6 to 9 percent cheaper than the production of Takestan, and this can be a selection criterion for customers who intend to buy major types of raisins.

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