Sale of number one grade golden raisins from Bonab factory

The sale of number one golden raisins from the excellent products of Bonab and Malekan of East Azerbaijan Province is done in this factory, and buyers who intend to provide this type of export product can meet their needs in person and in absentia.


Bonab Golden Raisins ⇓

Sale of number one raisins

number one grade golden raisins in Iran

Although Iran is a leader in the production of raisins in the world, but when it comes to exports, not all of these products can be exported, and in general, three Iranian products in the field of exports have the most role, the most important and most luxurious The type of products is golden raisins.


Because the color of the product turns golden or yellow, it is called golden raisins , which due to the high sulfur content, it is so that, before the googling stage, it is impregnated with acidic liquid and then sulfur smoke is added to it. One of the reasons is that it can be stored for a long time, up to 2 years.


But in Iran, there are two main regions that produce this type of product, which we will discuss below:

Hamadan province and Malayer city produce medium and cheap quality of this type of cargo, which is suitable for weak markets such as Iraq and Syria.


East Azerbaijan province and the city of Bonab and Malekan produce high quality and first-class quality of this type of cargo, which will be suitable for high-level and affluent markets, which are generally the Arab countries of the Persian Gulf.

Malayer Golden Raisins ⇓

Golden Raisin Factory

Direct sale of golden raisins

It is possible for you in this center to buy your desired product directly and without intermediaries from the raisin factory. Golden raisins will be one of the best products of this center, which will be delivered to customers in pure 5 and 10 kg cartoons . Be.


Production centers in Iran, in order to meet the needs of their customers, may purchase bulk raisins that are in bags and unprocessed from different parts of Iran. As this complex is located in Qazvin vineyard and this city does not produce golden raisins, which are also called grape raisins , with the quality of Malekan and Bonab , so it is necessary to buy the load in bulk from the gardeners of the mentioned areas and in this Factory processing works to be done to meet customer needs.


Under no circumstances should you lose a customer, even at the cost of not making a factory profit. This is a general rule of thumb in business if you want to survive. This is an issue that many Iranian businessmen may not consider, and for example, we have witnessed the issue that on the price of raisins that they buy from factories, they put a key of 10 Cent on it, while the profit of the whole factory is the same. Is the amount and there is no justification for the trader to take the same amount.

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