Direct sale of golden raisins in Qazvin

The direct sale of golden raisins has started in Qazvin vineyard, where this center has a raisin factory in this area , and if you want to provide this product with the best possible quality, you can contact the sales unit of the site of the same production company by phone.


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Production of golden raisins with the best quality

One of the best export products of Iran is golden raisins or grape raisins , which are also produced in a few regions producing grapes and raisins. This seedless and seedless product, which is used more for export than for sale in the domestic market, with the amount of sulfur that is added to these products, causes their color to become golden and yellow, and so on. It will be suitable for the markets of Arab countries that are very interested in gold color.


It should be mentioned that Qazvin vineyard region is famous for producing acidic raisins and sunflower raisins and has the highest quality of these products in Iran, which for about a few years, like the landowners of Malekan and Bonab , also produce golden raisins . Therefore, the products of this region are no different from Malekan and Bonab, which have the highest quality of these products in Iran.


With these descriptions, you can buy golden raisins with high quality and high quality in such a way that no buyer can put any defects on it in this center, in pure 10 kg and 5 kg cartoons that have 5 layers. And Shirink is done on it.

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Sale of Qazvin raisins

Direct sales of raisins

With the golden raisins discussed above and produced in this center, the number of products of this collection and this center is divided into four categories, all of which are a kind of pilaf raisins , but in yellow, light brown, dark brown, and Red.


Because the site you are currently viewing is related to the same factory, ie Arad Raisin Production Complex , you can have a direct purchase from this center, that is, if your purchase volume is high, you can coordinate with the factory sales manager in person and then After visiting the cargo in the warehouse, confirm your purchase and if your purchase volume is 30-20 cartoons, your purchase will be in absentia and the cargo will be sent by freight.


Lastly, if you are a professional exporter, you know very well that in trading, it is not enough to just give a good product, but the behavior and character of the producer and manufacturer in doing the work is very important, so take this important advice seriously:

Look for a production center that, in addition to producing high quality raisins, also has professional behavior and is well aware of trade rules. It is your job to find this center among 100 raisin factories that work in Iran in a large volume.

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