Direct export of golden raisins to Kuwait

The direct export of California golden raisins to Kuwait takes place in this center, and customers who intend to purchase these products from production to consumption can contact the sales unit of this production complex.


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Export of golden raisins

Produce the highest quality golden raisins


Golden raisins are products that are very suitable for export and are produced in two forms in Iran, one is pen and elongated, which is related to the products of Khorasan province in cities such as Kashmar and Khalilabad, and the other is round and oval, which is It is produced in large scale in Qazvin, Malayer, Hamedan and Bonab and Malekan vineyards of East Azerbaijan province.


We are talking here about a product that is oval and is called plow, and in this collection, which is engaged in the production and packaging of products in the vineyard of Qazvin province, with high quality by laser sorting machine and X-ray in cartoons 5 and It is packed in 10 kg net .


It should be noted that if you are looking to buy the highest quality golden raisins in Iran, you should buy products that have been produced through Bargah, not like Malayer Hamedan after soaking the product in hot water and exposing it to the sun. When the raisins are actually produced, they are poured into a basket and then sulfurized around it, in which case a quality product will not be produced.

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Export of raisins to Kuwait

Direct export of raisins


If you are a businessman or trading company, you are naturally active in the field of several products and you may not be able to export one type of product yourself, at which time this center will help you to do this, but how?


In addition to buying raisins from production to consumption and factory doors in this complex, you can also leave all export processes such as health, standard, customs, loading and transit of cargo to them until the load Deliver directly to the door of your purchase.


The golden raisins that are produced in this collection are in the form of cargo and are presented to the customer with the highest quality and at a reasonable price. Toman is invoiced.


It should be noted that Kuwait, like other Arab countries in the Persian Gulf and the Arab countries of North Africa, are the main customers of golden raisins , and many traders from this country travel to our country and struggle to buy the mentioned product. If you contact the sales manager of this collection, Mr. Mostafa Eini, in addition to receiving an up-to-date price inquiry, you can also receive the necessary advice on the shipping method, production process and type of packaging.

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