Producing Exported Sultana and Golden Raisin

Producing and packing Sultana and Golden (California) raisin qualified for exports is done in our factory located in Takestan, Qazvin province. Dear merchants who intend to purchase this product directly from the factory with the most reasonable prices without intermediators.

Producing Golden Raisin

Producing Different types of Raisin in Takestan, Qazvin

Takestan, Shal, Esfarvarin and Narjeh located in Qazvin province are some raisin producing towns. There are 20 factories in these areas. They wash and manufacture the raisin.


Compared to other producing towns, above mentioned raisin producing towns produce the most qualified raisin in Iran. These towns and another town called Malayer export the largest amount of raisin in Iran.


Our raisin manufactory is proud of having experienced and up to date staffs, including producing staffs and selling board.  Accordingly, you can get the best information about the products you are going to purchase easily.


Takestan produces both seedless and grainy raisins. They are sold in gunny bags or boxes depending on your demands.

Producing Sultana Raisin

Golden and California Raisin for Exports

Different types of great raisins are produced in Iran, but not all of them meet the standards of exports to be exported:

  1. Golden raisin or California raisin
  2. Sultana nitrated raisin
  3. Thin green raisins and golden produced in Kashmar, Khorasan province


The first and second above mentioned products are produced in this factory. They are presented with the best quality in boxes of 10 kilos for exports.


Both products are dried with nitrate acid and smoked sulfur. This process makes it long lasting as well.  They are seedless or grainy with the best quality.


One of the things you can easy have in our producing center is that customers can visit the factory while producing raisin. In this way customer can make sure that the steps taken are exactly based on standards and the output has the highest quality. You can easily get access to the updated prices and any information needed just by connecting the sales manager Mr. Einy. All phone numbers are available here in this site.

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