Number one Golden and Yellow raisin purchase

Yellow and golden raisins are considered as one of the best product for exports. Merchants can easily purchase the product directly from this factory.

exported yellow raisins in Iran

Yellow or golden raisin is one of the best export products known in Iran and other countries. Beside Iran, this product is produced in other countries like Uzbekistan and the U.S. Arab countries are the best targets of this products. A great mass of this product is exported to Arab countries every year. Because of some political issues, this product cannot be exported to these countries. In a better situation we could easily export this product and monopolize Arab countries’ markets.
There are two types of golden raisins.
1. Rice raisins which are used to be cooked with rice are produced in many parts of Iran like Bonab, Khalil Abad, Malakan, Malayer, Hamedan, and Maraqeh.
2. Thin (slender) raisins are mainly produced in two towns of Iran, Kashmar and Khalil Abad.
A crucial matter to be mentioned is that exportable raisins should be seedless and this important factor makes golden raisins appropriate.

yellow raisin purchase

Exported Rains’ Price in April 2020

First point to be mentioned is that there are different types of exportable raisins in Iran.

  • Rice golden raisin and
  • thin golden raisinThin green raisin
  • Nitrated or Sultana raisin

These types are mainly produced to be exported. Besides, there are some other products which are exported like currants.

Up-to-date prices of the exported products include:

  1. Thin golden raisin   1.65$
  2. Thin green raisin     1.95$
  3. Bonab rice yellow raisins      2.05 $
  4. Malayer rice yellow raisins    1.9$
  5. Takestan nitrated raisin     1.15$

These products are mainly packed in boxes weighing net 10 kilos. The boxes’ safety is guaranteed by being encrusted.

As the final point, yellow raisin is known as golden raisin, grape-like, rice raisin, and smoky raisin.

number one golden raisin

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