Best Exportable Packed Raisins to Russia

Russia is one of the best countries importing raisins from Iran. This product is packed in the boxes weighing net 10 kilos.

Best Exportable Raisins

Exportable raisin made in Iran

Iran is one of the best producing countries in the world as being a pioneer in producing oil.

Iranian raisin is considered as one of the best key products shining not only in Asia but also in the world as well. It is asked by many countries in which the product’s quality and look is really important.


Demands for this product is increasing, and we are really proud of getting such honorable feed backs from our dear customers all over the world showing we are doing well.


It’s time to introduce brilliant exported raisins made in Iran:

  1. Nitrated Sultana raisin which is the best seller exported product in Iran.
  2. Golden raisin which is called yellow raisin too. It is placed in the second place after Sultana.
  3. Kashmar thin green raisin and golden raisin made in this town(Kashmar) is in the third place.

Exportable Packed Raisins

Exporting Raisin to Russia

Russia and Ukraine are two countries importing raisins from Iran. The geographical circumstance of these countries is in a way that people use this product more to get enough energy in cold weather.

Basically these products are bought from three producing towns in Iran as Takestan, Malayer and Zanjan.


Before FATF sanctions quarantine for Covid-19, the amount of exporting this product to some countries like Russia was at least 1000 tones. Raisin producing and exporting season starts at the end of September. At this times you can purchase the best products every year but it is available at any time you demand for.


Now let’s take a look at exportable raisins packed in the boxes of 10 kilos with 5 protecting layers. The prices are in this way when the customer receive their purchase in the factory.

  •  Number one Sultana nitrated raisin (sorted twice, with the eye catching color)         1.3$ per kilo
  • Number one Golden raisin made in Malakan (a raisin producing town Iran)        2.5$ per kilo


Our factory is located in Takestan, Qazvin province. All mentioned prices are in this way if the customers purchase this product right in the factory. If you want it be sent, he prices are different from what is mentioned earlier.

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