Wholesale supplier of rice raisins

The customer on this site will make his purchase directly from the supplier of rice raisins (for cooking), which can be both in bulk and in part, which you can contact the factory sales manager for more information.


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Supply of rice raisins

Rice raisins produced in this center

rice raisins are among the products that are very popular in our country and can be found in almost every home because they are used in cooking and cooking along with rice, in salads and in cooking cakes, cookies, sweets and bread.


There are many regions that produce this product in Iran, and if we are to name the best of them, we should mention Takestan region of Qazvin province, Malayer of Hamedan province, Bonab and Malekan of Azerbaijan province and Quchan of Khorasan Razavi province.


This product is produced in different colors, including yellow, light brown, dark brown and red , available in Iran, which is used both for sale in the domestic market and for export.


But because this complex has a raisin factory in Qazvin vineyard , it naturally uses the products of this region to process and package its products. The pilaf products that this city and this factory have and offer to the customer include acidic pilaf raisins , sunny pilaf raisins and date pilaf raisins , which are offered in 9 kg cartoons in the domestic market, and if these products are considered for export. Keep yellow raisins from the products of this collection will be very suitable for you.

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Major supply of rice raisins

Wholesale supply of rice raisins

All the products mentioned above, this center can be processed and packaged, which should be mentioned that the packaging of raisins for the domestic market is 8.5 kg net and for export as 10 kg net For some export customers, 5 kg net will be done.


If you intend to work in bulk and what part can you contact the collection sales manager because it is possible to send at least 10 cartoons to the customer if no factory at least in Qazvin vineyard will do so.


It should be noted that all the products discussed above are seedless raisins because the customer does not like it, both domestically and for grain and seed exports.


For distribution centers that intend to buy rice raisins ,it is also possible to buy a check with the following two conditions:

  1. The check account number must be checked before ordering and must have high transaction amounts.
  2. There will definitely be a local investigation, meaning that someone from the collection will go to the buyer’s place of business and ask those around them and neighbors about the person’s good fortune.


If the above two conditions are approved, 25% of the total cash transaction and the rest of the check will be received within one month.

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