Takestan Rice Raisin Trading Company

In this center, the customer can buy Takestan rice raisins (for cooking) from production to consumption and factory doors, and there is no need to buy it at a more expensive price than commercial companies.


Rice Raisin (for cooking) ⇓

Takestan Rice Raisin

Production of vineyard raisins

Qazvin Vineyard has expertise in producing different types of raisins. These products are produced in yellow, red, light brown and dark brown colors, but in this collection, they are processed and packaged with the best possible quality and for export or sale in the market. The interior is ready.


But the discussion here is about sunny raisins that have a red color and Takestan and Malayer regions of Hamedan have the largest share of its production in our country, which if you want good quality cargo, you should definitely buy it from Takestan, otherwise If you are looking for a cheaper cargo that also has a lower quality, you will be offered to buy from Malayer.


Rice raisins are obtained from sun -dried raisins in the factory . In fact, the sun- dried product is poured on the production line to be processed. Fills.


This collection is also located in Qazvin vineyard and in fact has all the rice products of this region and offers it to customers, so all the products of this collection are from Takestan raisins.

Sunny raisins to produce rice raisins in the factory ⇓

Takestan Raisin Company

Arad Raisin Production and Packaging Company

In Iran, more than 90% of raisin factories have carton-shaped packaging that may only change their weight, and there are few centers that also pack them in cellophane, which are usually sold for export.


The cellophane raisins that you see in the market and are available with brands such as Bartar and Golestan are in fact intermediary companies that buy from raisin factories in bulk (without cartoons) and fill them in their cellophanes.


So your purchase in this collection, which can be the best raisins produced in Iran, is from production to consumption and factory doors, and in fact, in addition to the fact that you can order online and in person, it is also possible to buy in person, provided That the workload is high, not for 10 or 20 cartoons.


At present, when we are in the beginning of mehr 1400 , the price of each cartoon of 9 kg of super and first-class raisins is 10 $.

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