Export of sunny yellow raisins

Sunny yellow raisins from the excellent products of Malekan and Qazvin vineyards are produced and packaged in this factory, and customers who intend to buy these products for export can buy them at the factory door at a reasonable price.


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Sunny yellow raisins

Production of sunny yellow raisins

One of the types of raisins that are produced in Iran in significant volumes and are mostly used for export is called sunny yellow raisins , which is also called golden raisins . The vineyard is in Qazvin province.


For this reason, it is said that yellow raisins of the mentioned areas are of the best possible quality because they use barberry to produce it, and when sulfur smoke is to be delivered to different areas of raisins, the hanging of grapes soaked in hot acid from the barrel causes This is done, so if you want the highest quality of this product, you have to buy from areas that use the court to produce it.


This was mentioned because in a city like Malayer , which is one of the main producers of yellow raisins in Iran, they do not produce the product through the court, but put it in a basket to impregnate it with sulfur smoke. Naturally, it prevents smoke from reaching all areas of the raisins and does not make the final product colorful and uniform.

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Sunny yellow raisins

Direct export of raisins from the factory

In this complex, which is located in the vineyard of Qazvin province, and prepares all kinds of pilaf raisins , of which the yellow product is one of them, with high quality, in addition to producing it, it will also be possible to export products directly to the customer. Reach anywhere in the world.


In this sense , yellow raisins are also called sunny because when the grapes are picked in September and soaked in acidic liquid, when they hang it from the yard or try to dry it in a basket, it is done by the sun and Sunlight is done.


Now that we are at the end of November 1400, the mentioned product has had a significant price increase, so that about 80% of the price increase has been consumed, and now, if you want the best quality, it costs 2.5 $ per kilogram at the factory door for export. Be.


If you are looking to inquire about the price of yellow raisins on the day , the contact number of the factory sales manager has been placed on all pages of this site so that you can contact them directly, and if you live and work abroad, this collection can cover all export processes. Take charge of items such as loading, transit, hygiene, standards and customs until the cargo reaches you.

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