High quality rice raisins distribution company

High quality rice raisins (for cooking) from Qazvin province vineyard products are produced and packaged in this center, and if you are a distribution and banker company, you can contact the sales manager of the factory, Mr. Eini, to order.


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Raisin Distribution Company

Processing of rice raisins

One of the products that is widely sold in the Iranian market in the field of dried fruits is raisins , which are obtained from bulk raisins that have tails and branches in the factory after processing, washing and sorting.


The main feature of pilaf products is their size, which should be less than 10 miles. On the other hand, the mentioned products should be seedless and seedless, and raisins that have these two characteristics in Iran are divided into four categories that have yellow and red colors. , Is light brown and dark brown.


All four types of pilaf raisins mentioned above are prepared in the Takestan region with the best possible quality, and the Arad raisin production complex, considering that it is located in this city, can naturally have all four types and can be sold or exported. The factory will offer a price to its customer.


But in Iran, pilaf raisins are more commonly known as red, which is also called sun-dried raisins , which are packaged in 9 kg cartoons. Was.

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Spread the raisins

Direct distribution of raisins from the factory

Arad Raisin Production Complex, in addition to producing the products discussed above and bag raisins that may be either sun-dried or dry shade, as well as a variety of raisins , will be able to sell and distribute their products directly from the factory door.


In this case, you can buy raisins at the factory price, either in person or in absentia, and order online, and this assurance will be given to you. The price offered to the customer in this collection will be the price of the floor, not cheap. Most.


This means that when we say the cheapest price, we will break the price range. For example, it should be said that in the middle of October 1400, the price of high quality rice raisins in the vineyard is in the range of 10 $, raisin factories give a price to the customer. Because if that happens, it means that the center or that set of the market is in disarray.


It should be noted that the cartoons that this collection delivers to you do not have the exact address or even the contact number , and this can be great for those of you who are looking to stay away from your customer.

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