Providers of sunny raisins in bulk

In this center, you will enter into negotiations with one of the providers of sunflower raisins in Qazvin, and you can buy the factory door without intermediaries in the form of cartoon packaging or a bag that has not been processed.


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Major presentation of raisins

Production of sunny raisins in the vineyard

Qazvin vineyard is known as one of the main producers of raisins in Iran and among the providers of these products in the form of export or sale in the domestic market, Malayer Hamedan will be exactly next to the vineyard in terms of production and types of raisins. .


But the most important product that separates the vineyard from other raisin-producing parts in Iran is sun -dried raisins , which are produced from both its seedless product and its kernel sample, and more interestingly, this type of raisin is also sold in bulk. It has a tail, branches and soil and it is processed, which is in fact the same as sun-dried raisins.


Gardeners and farmers in this area start picking grapes around the middle of September every year and spread the harvested crop in the same way as the garden floor and the environment where all the sunlight reaches, so that within two to three weeks , the crop will become Sunny raisins.


Another important feature of Takestan products is the very high amount of sugar in its products, and this issue has caused, for example , sun-dried raisins that are packed in 9 kg cartoons in this city to be 11 $ , while in Malayer the same product but With color, appearance and lower sugar percentage, they invoice 10 $ for the customer.

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Sunny raisin providers

Buy sunflower raisins in bulk

As mentioned above, sunny raisins are sold in two ways, and both types of this product will be able to inquire about the price and then buy the product at the factory door in this center, ie the Arad raisin production complex.


If you want raisins , they are sold in 9 kg cartoons, which actually deliver 8.5 kg of pure raisins , and if you want a sunny product with the same conditions as above, in 20 to 40 kg bags. They will be packaged and sold.


It should be noted that some customers who are looking to buy a dry sun product like to do the traditional cleaning and processing work, so this group of workers to clean sunny raisins with the said conditions will have the load Clean and sanitize with your hands and do not even add water to preserve the product pectin .


It is true that in the title of the article, buying in bulk, but it is also possible to buy in part, but by mentioning the circumstances, when you called the sales manager of the factory, he asked them to guide you.

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