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It is possible to buy sun-dried raisins without kernels and kernels, which are naturally dried and turned into raisins on this site, and customers who intend to buy directly from the factory can meet their needs without intermediaries.


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Production of natural raisins in our country

When a gardener picks grapes in September, which may be either early or mid-summer or even late this summer, he decides how to dry them and turn them into raisins, with different conditions. And can be placed in the sun, in the shade, soaked in acid and finally mechanized .


Natural raisin products are said to be produced either in the sun or in the shade, ie without human or machine intervention, and since the nutritional value of this type of product is high, so it has special and unique customers, which generally these products also Unprocessed in the factory, or rather processed by human and traditional hand, is sold.


Sun-dried raisins and dry-shade raisins can be both kernel-free and kernel-bearing, and the main producers of these two products are Takestan region of Qazvin province, Malayer of Hamedan province and Bavanat of Fars province.


This complex, ie the production center of Arad raisins, is also located in Takestan, and the natural raisins that they offer belong to this region, and as mentioned above, they are traditionally cleaned by the hands of workers, and in the form of bag packaging and Sells sacks, which can be packed in cartons if the customer wishes.

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Buy the door of a sunny raisin factory

At the end of aban, 1400, the prices of raisins have increased significantly during the two months that have passed since the beginning of the season, and by telling the new prices to the customer, sometimes they are surprised and say that now is the beginning of the season, so why? The prices of these products have gone up so much.


First of all, know that all raisin factories in Iran procure their raw material, ie bulk raisins , from gardeners and farmers, which means that if this raw material becomes more expensive, the output of products that are processed in the factory will also become more expensive.


On the other hand, you should give these loved ones the right to increase the price of their products, because everything you put on it has more than doubled in price since last year, and certainly grapes and raisins are no exception to this rule. You have two options: either you remove this product from your food basket or you will buy it at new prices.


But if you want sunflower raisins and natural dry shade at the current price, it is also traditionally cleaned and made by a worker . 1.3 $ is offered.

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