Direct seller of acidic raisins

The producer and direct seller of first-class raisins in Takestan is present in this center, and if the customer wants to buy the desired product from production to production, all he has to do is call the sales manager of the factory.


Acidic raisins ⇓

Seller of acidic raisins

Production of acidic raisins

The highest amount of production and export of raisins in Iran is related to pilaf raisins . This product is produced in a large volume in our country and is available in yellow, light brown, dark brown and red colors .


The main feature of these products is that they must be seedless and without seeds, and the other is that its size must be less than 10 miles so that it can be used for cooking along with rice and producing cakes, cookies, sweets and industrial bread.


As mentioned above, the color of one of the products is light and dark brown. This product is the same as acidic raisin , which is a very popular and popular product for export and sale in the domestic market. Domestic market and 10 kg and 5 kg net are used for export.


Vineyards of Qazvin province, Malayer of Hamadan province and Quchan of Khorasan province are among the top producers of the mentioned product and they produce these products with different qualities, which is the production capacity of the city in question, so that the highest quality of these products is related. It belongs to Takestan region of Qazvin province and its weakest is related to Malayer of Hamedan province.

Acidic raisins without sulfur ⇓

Direct seller of raisins

Sell ​​raisins from production to consumption

This complex and this site have a raisin factory in Takestan, Qazvin province , and offer their products from production to consumption, and there will be no broker or intermediary between the customer and the factory. Due to the location of this center in the city of Takestan as one of the centers of raisin production, it will naturally use the products of this region for processing and packaging of raisins.


But because the customers of this center sometimes ask for Malayer acid raisins , in order to supply these loved ones, it should also be available in the product supply basket, so that the load is purchased in bulk from gardeners in the mentioned areas. It will be processed in Takestan factory.


The important point about acidic raisins is that this product is produced and processed in our country in two ways. It was covered above and its color is light brown, and the other is when the sulfur is not beaten, in which case it will turn dark brown and its name will be date raisin .


By contacting the sales manager of the factory, whose contact number is placed on different pages of this site, in addition to inquiring about the daily price of these products, you can request to place an order either in person or in person at the factory door, even export work from Zero to one hundred such as health, standard, customs, loading and transit to reach the destination is possible.

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