Buying Raisin Directly at The factory

You can buy different types of exportable raisin in 9 or 10- kilo boxes directly at Arad raisin producing factory. It is a great opportunity for those who prefer to buy raisin directly without any medium agents.

Buying Raisin at The factory

Internal Markets and exported produced Raisin

Arad raisin producing center is located in Takestan (Qazvin province) is able to store the produced raisin in safe store rooms. These products are packed and ready to be exported or sold in Internal markets.


Arad raisin producing factory is located in Takestan, so it focuses on the local products with the best quality found in Iran. But, this factory sometimes prepares its needed raw products from other areas to fulfill its customers’ needs, both for exports or internal markets. These raw products are processed and packed according to the standards with the best quality.


Our exportable products appear in four excellent types including Golden raisin usually produced in Malakan (Azerbaijan province), Nitrated raisin, sundried Brown raisin (without nitrate), and sundried raisin (with nitrate). All these high-grade products are sorted twice to be with the same size professionally. They are packed in net 10-kilo boxes which are shrunk (covered by a safe layer of plastic) perfectly.

Buying Raisin Directly

Buying Raisin at The factory

No matter if our customers prefer to buy these products to sell them in internal markets or rather to export them to other countries. You can buy the right products you want in the packs you order even in great amounts directly. You just need to call our sales manager for your business.


If you prefer to have your exported product in laminated boxes on which there is you own brand or your company and office information you should wait for more 2 weeks to make every thing ready.


The first step you need to take to order the amount of raisin you need is to pay a small amount of money (as the deposit) out of the total amount you and use recorded in our contract. Then the product is packed and shrunk. In order to take the ordered products out of Iran, you need standard and hygiene permissions. Our factory takes all official steps and takes those needed permissions, so you do not need to be worried. You can receive your ordered products in two ways. You can come to the factory to get your product after scaling it or your agent can get your ordered product in Iran’s frontier after paying the rest of the money according to our contract.

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