Buying and Selling Different Types of Packed Raisin

Different types of packed raisins in boxes and gunny bags are bought and sold in our producing center. All customers can easily purchase these products directly without any intermediators.

Buying Packed Raisin

Different Types of Packed Raisin in This Site

Different types of raisins are packed in 3 forms:

  1. Boxes with 3 or 5 layers weighing 3, 4, 5. 9 or 10 kilos.
  2. Bags or gunny bags weighing 20 to 40 kilos
  3. Plastic packs weighing400 or 800 grams sold to mediator companies to be exported to many countries or sold in internal markets.


All factories are able to pack the products like the ways number 1 and 2, but the third way of packing is done in a few factories which make them ready for exports.


Basically, it is better to use plastic packs of raisin weighing less than a kilo each because it is suitable for exports and it has a lot of financial benefits for the producing center as well. As the systems to pack the raisins in already mentioned way is really costly, many manufactories prefer to pack them simply in the boxes.

Selling Packed Raisin

Updated Price of packed Raisin in 17/8/2020

In order to buy any sorts of raisin you can simply call the sales manager Mr. Eini. You can get information about up to date prices of the products although updated prices are mentioned in this website.

  • Sundried raisin       a box weighing 9 kilos costs 1.2$
  • Nitrated Sultana raisin      a box weighing 9 kilos costs 10.4 $
  • Sultana raisin( without nitrate)     a box weighing 9 kilos costs 10.4 $
  • Exportable nitrated Sultana raisin costs      1.2 $ per kilo
  • Golden California raisin costs      2.8 $ per kilo


Dear international customers can contact the sales manager to buy different types of raisin.

This raisin producing center is ready to present its product in internal markets and to exports to different countries based on that countries standards and demands.


The quality of the products is guaranteed and can be easily transited to different countries. After preparing the product, usually 4 or 5 tones every day, everything related to standards and customs duties are done completely. Then, it can be sent to the target country through different transportation ways. Customers can simple order their needed products only by paying amount of money as deposit. When the products were given to international portages system, you will receive the recite from that system. After checking and inquiring the creditable recite, you can pay the rest of the money and receive the product.

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