Sell ​​brown sultana raisins

Sultana brown acid raisins are sold in this center, which produces and packages raisins in the vineyards of Qazvin province, and domestic and export customers can call the factory sales manager to buy the product.


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Sell ​​brown raisins

Production of Sultana raisins in high volume

One of the types of raisins that buyers all over the world and is supplied in high volumes is Soltani sour raisins , of which Iran is one of the main producers, along with Turkey , which has a very high percentage of the world’s need for this product. The country is supplied.


There are three regions in our country that have the highest percentage of acidic raisin production , which are located in Takestan region of Qazvin province, Quchan of Khorasan province and Malayer of Hamedan province, respectively, which will be the same in terms of quality, ie Takestan region produces the highest quality of this type of raisin in our country.


Of course, it should be noted that the mentioned product is divided into two types, which is a state when when grapes are turned into raisins by acid, sulfur is added to it, which becomes the same product that was mentioned above, but also a state. We have that they do not add sulfur in the future, the color of the product will also turn dark brown, and it is called date raisin .


In general, we have seeded and seedless raisins in our country , which are naturally customers and, of course, the price of the seed sample is much lower than the seedless sample.

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Sell ​​acidic raisins

Sell ​​raisins directly from the vineyard

It is very important that you intend to buy raisins in what quality and at what price range, and as we said above, if your customer asks you for quality quality material, you should definitely buy from Takestan products , and this collection is also in Takestan. It has a production and packaging center for these products.


At present, in early aban 1400, the price of acidic raisins for the domestic market in cartons of 8.5 kg net is 12 $ , which you can buy for export at a price of 1.4 $ in cartons of 10 kg net.


Unfortunately, in the 1401-1400 season, raisin conditions are extremely critical, and prices for acid raisins have tripled since the beginning of the season, which is about 6 weeks , and this is good news for this strategic product and for producers and exporters. is not.


Because your purchase in this center and this complex is directly and without intermediaries from the factory, in addition to the fresh quality you get, but it will also happen at a more reasonable price. Better conditions occur when you ask for the product for export, in which case all the processes of this issue, including loading, transit, customs, health and standard , will be done by this collection itself so that the cargo reaches your buyer in the destination country.

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