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Premium export raisin processing and packaging company for export to Kuwait or other Arab countries in the Persian Gulf is located on this site and customers can buy these products at a reasonable price at the factory door .


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pruduction of premium for export

Iran is one of the producers of export raisins in the world, and despite the fact that Iran’s ranking in the export of this product has decreased over the past decade, but its products are still offered around the world and have their customers.


Takestan region of Qazvin province, along with Malayer of Hamadan province, is one of the main exporters of these products. If you are looking to buy quality and premium goods, these Takestan products will definitely come in handy, and if you are looking for products that cost you less. Which is definitely lower quality, Malayer products will be very suitable for you.


The production base of Takestan city and surrounding areas such as Narjeh, Shal and Esferorin is based on various types of raisins . These products are produced in yellow, light brown, dark brown and red colors and will be processed and packaged in the factories of Takestan, which number more than 20.


One of these centers is Arad Raisin Production Complex, which in addition to producing raisins for export , also produces these products for sale in the domestic market and stores them in its warehouse, where you will enter into direct negotiations with the sales manager of this factory.

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sale of premium raisins to kuwait

One of the customers of Iranian products is Kuwait, where most of the purchases will be related to golden raisins , and in the next stage, sometimes they have also bought acid raisins . If you can provide quality products in all your shipments, they will definitely buy from you because their traders are consistent people in buying as long as their needs are met in quality and price.


This group also has the experience of selling the mentioned products to this country, although its volume is not high, but it still tries to occupy a percentage of its market, which of course should be mentioned that this country is always looking to buy a premium product. And it is first class and for example it will never buy from an area like Malayer.


At present, that is, at the end of January, 1400, the price of the best quality gold is 3 $ per kilogram and the acid product is delivered to the customers in the best quality 1.8 $ per kilogram in 10 kg and 5 kg cartoons.


If you intend to sell the mentioned products to this country, contact the sales manager of this collection by phone and after inquiring about the price, receive the packaging information from them and be sure that there is no way to package this collection. There is no connection or even the exact address of the factory that will not make you away from your customer. Of course, it will also be possible to fill in the products mentioned in the cartoons that are related to you and your company.

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