Major supply of premium Kashmar raisins

The main supply of premium raisins produced in Kashmar and Khalilabad of Khorasan Razavi province has started in this center, and customers who intend to supply these products at a reasonable price can meet their needs at the factory door.


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Supply of Kashmar raisins

Kashmar raisins of Khorasan Razavi

Kashmar and Khalilabad regions of Khorasan Razavi province, along with other regions producing grapes and raisins, which can be referred to as Takestan, Malayer, Malekan, Bonab and Bavanat regions, are among the production centers of products in Iran and their products in addition to It is offered in the domestic market and is also used for sale in the export market.


If we want to list Kashmar products, we come to three main products, which include green raisins, yellow raisins and red pitted currant, which are the two exclusive products exclusively related to this region in Iran and other regions can not Produce because grapes do not have it.


The green product, which is also called nut raisin, and the yellow product, both of which are also called arrow or arrow raisin, can be found in 3 and 5 kg cartoons in the market. These products are soaked in acid and then in the sun and Or they spread their shadows and then add sulfur, which if it is high, it will turn into a yellow product, and if it is low, it will turn into a green product.

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Major supply of raisins

Major supply of raisins for export

Arad Raisin Production Complex has a production and packaging company and also exports various types of raisins in Qazvin province, and if its customers need Kashmar products for export, they can rate their customers in this center at the same price as in Khorasan Razavi province. Let them buy it.


There is a series of commercial collaborations with a number of Kashmar factories in this center, and this makes the processed raisins purchased before the packaging stage and packaged in the cartoons of the Arad collection, and from there by hand. Reach the customer.


Because the process of processing and production of Khorasan raisins is different from areas such as Malayer, Takestan, Zanjan, Abhar and Bonab Malekan, so the possibility that the load in bulk, which has a tail and branches, can not be purchased from gardeners because the devices in the mentioned areas Products are not Khorasan.


On the other hand, it needs to be said that Kashmar raisins once had many customers in the world, but over the past few years, officials have been so inadequate that it has reached the point where Afghan traders come to Iran and buy processed goods. And in their packaging factory in Afghanistan, they filled them and marketed them under their own name and brand. It remains to be seen what will happen to this valuable product in the new government, given that Afghan traders may no longer be able to trade in our country.

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