Major raisin production company for export

The customer in this center can directly use the major raisin production company for export and buy the raisins of this collection with excellent quality and competitive price at the factory door.


yellow or golden raisins ⇓

Raisin Production Company

Production of high quality raisins

This complex means Arad Raisin Production Company in Qazvin Vineyard, which is one of the production centers of these products, has a packaging and washing center for these products and also does the packaging work itself, either for sale in the domestic market or Exports are stored in its warehouse.


Takestan raisins are unique in Iran in terms of sugar content and product appearance, and since the gardeners and farmers of this city specialize in different types of raisins in yellow, light brown, dark brown and red colors, if you are looking to buy These are your products, you should definitely supply them from Takestan products.


On the other hand, both the gardeners of this city and its factory owners are more obsessed with the production and processing of raisins than the production centers such as Malayer, Abhar, Zanjan, Quchan and Arak, and in general their products are excellent, which only this year is the season. Raisins are 1401-1400, which due to the excessive increase in the prices of these products has caused the production centers of this city to reduce the quality of their products so that they can be present in the market.


However, if you are looking for the highest quality types of raisins that are available in cartoon packaging, this collection is also one of about 20 factories in this city, which offers a competitive price to its customer according to the available quality and guarantees it. That is, if the buyer wants the cargo for export, it will allow him to visit the production line during the production process, something that other factories will not allow you to do.

sultana raisins ⇓

Major export of raisins

Export raisins directly from the factory

The highest export of raisins in Iran is related to different types of raisins, especially two products , golden raisins and soltani raisins , which are also called acidic, both of which are produced and processed in this center with excellent quality.


But for the beginning of winter, the plan is to produce a weaker material in addition to producing first-class products and exports that have the highest possible quality, so that it is also suitable for weak markets such as Iraq, Syria, Ukraine and Belarus. The sales manager of the factory contacted you and you can inquire about their price.


If you want the above products for export, you can not only buy their supply in this collection in 5 and 10 kg pure cartoons, but also directly export them to this collection to perform health, standard, customs, loading works. And transit so that the cargo reaches your buyer.


There are no contact numbers or communication channels on the export raisin cartoon so that you, the customer, do not have to worry about getting away from your customer. If you want to work for a long time, you can coordinate with the sales manager of the factory in such a way that the stereotype of your company that contains your information is inserted on the cartoons.

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