Direct sale of factory door raisins

In this center, direct sale of raisins is done at the factory door , and domestic or export customers can make their purchase in this way and buy the product with fresh quality and a more reasonable price.


Acid sulfur raisins ⇓

Direct sale of raisins

Raisin production in Qazvin vineyard

Qazvin vineyard is known as one of the main producers of raisins and this region produces pilaf raisins in four different colors. They will.


It should be noted that raisins are called any round and oval product that is seedless and seedless and its size is less than 10 miles, and the different colors of this product will be due to different methods of production and processing that Each of them has its own market, both in terms of exports and domestic sales.


For example , the north of the country is a very good market for buying sun -dried red and red raisins, and for example, yellow or golden raisins are also very suitable for export to Arab countries , so as you can see, these colors have their own customers. Have.


Many factories in Takestan process, wash and package these products, of course in cartoons, one of which is the Arad raisin production complex, where you can call the sales manager of this complex by phone and place an order.

Sunny raisins ⇓

Direct sale of raisins

Sell ​​raisin factory door

When we say direct sale, it means that it is offered from the production and consumption of these products, and you can, in coordination with the sales manager of the factory, buy the products in person if you intend to buy a large volume, and otherwise place an order and load from It will be sent to you by van and truck and you will clear the door of your warehouse.


In addition to the two products mentioned above, in this collection you can find sour brown raisins that are light brown in color, and a sulfur- free acid product called brown raisins , and a variety of bulk raisins that have tails and branches and are in the bag. It is packaged and you can also mention Fakhri and Asgari .


The cartoons in this collection are for export of 10 kg net, which if the customer wants to fill the product in 5 or 3 kg cartoons, this can be done for them by receiving a small amount. For the domestic market, where 9 kg cartoon is always used, there are actually 8.5 kg of raisins in it.


Due to price fluctuations in the season 1401-1400, the customer must inquire about the price to register the order, and unfortunately all these rates are valid for only 24 hours , not only at this time, the price of raisins will be cheap or expensive, but before the deposit. Deposit, make this inquiry.

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