Mass distribution of dried black raisins for export

Mass distribution of dried black raisins used for domestic and export markets is done in this complex, and customers who intend to supply these products from production to consumption can make their purchase directly in this factory.


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Distribution of black raisins

Production of dried black raisins

First of all, we must say that black raisins are called two products, one is large raisins and the other is sometimes called sun-dried raisins, which is sometimes called black. hits.


The pilaf product mentioned above is in fact the same sun raisins that have been processed, brewed and sorted in the factory, and this product, which is generally used for the domestic market, is sometimes used for export purposes. They take.


Almost most regions of Iran produce it, but there are two regions in our country that account for the largest volume of production of this product, one is Malayer region of Hamadan province and the other is Takestan region of Qazvin province where Arad raisin production complex is produced and It has the packaging of the products.


The cartoons of this product are 9 kg or eight and a half kilos net for the domestic market, and they use 5 and 10 kg net cartoons for export , which will be much easier to count on the pallet.

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Export Black Raisins

Mass distribution of factory door raisins

In this collection, all kinds of raisins, including black raisins at the factory door, are priced to the customer, and the customer can buy the desired product with the factory quality in person or in absentia.


It is possible to supply five tons of quality and fried raisins daily for export or domestic affairs, and if the amount of order is heavy tonnage, it is possible to provide two shifts of production line workers. In general, the customer in this complex should not worry about supply at all.


A very important point to note is that since the 1401-1400 season began and about two and a half months have passed since then, the prices of raisins have increased so much that they have received between 60 and 100% increase in price. And this is the reason why the factory owners who used to give net load to the customer have recently mixed Malayer product among the raisins of the vineyard and given it to the customer.


In this collection, this is also possible, and by doing so, there is a possibility of reducing the price for the customer by 5 to 10% . Mix it with Malayer product and then become a cartoon, its price will reach 1.7 $.

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