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The sales manager of the factory, which produces and mass- sells raisins in bulk and in part, is present on this site, and customers who are looking to supply these products directly from the factory can contact them by phone.

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Supply of bulk raisins

Production of raisins

Raisins are a name that you have heard many times and whether you have worked in the field of this product or have not used it and they are found in almost every home in our country, but it should be noted that contrary to popular belief that this product is a It is a type of raisin, we must say that it is not like this and it is divided into four different types of raisins


Raisins are produced in four different colors in our country, which are golden, light amber, dark and red amber, respectively, and all these products are in the form of They are seedless and seedless and should be less than 10 miles in size.


The vineyards of Qazvin province and Malayer of Hamedan province are excellent in the field of production of the mentioned product in our country and have the highest amount of sales and production in our country. If you are looking to buy the highest quality type of these products, you should buy from the vineyard Do otherwise Malayer with lower quality, lower price and can be suitable for a certain range of customers.


It should be noted that raisin factories do not produce these products, but process, wash and package them in such a way that it is the gardener and the farmer who turns the grapes into raisins and then puts them inside. He pours the bag and brings it to the factory for sale, and the output of the production line of the production center will be cartoon raisins.

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Bulk supplier of raisins

Wholesale and retail supply of raisins

Unlike many raisin factories in Iran that do not sell these products below tonnage, in this complex, which has a factory for the production and packaging of raisins in Qazvin province, you can order 20 cartoons or more. At the wholesale price, this is a kind of minor purchase.


The cartoons of the mentioned products for the domestic market are generally 8.5 kg net or the same 9 kg, which use 5 and 10 kg net for the export market, and the cellophane packaging that you see in the market belongs to the company. There are packages of dried fruits such as Bartar and Golestan, which are generally available in 400 g and 800 g.


Due to the increase in the price of raisins from the beginning of the 1401-1400 season, which in some products doubled the previous rate, the price growth has caused the number of customers of these products to decrease compared to a few months ago and before the start of the season, and even some bankers and Distribution centers are looking to buy these products in cartoons weighing less than 5 and 7 kg so that customers can buy them more easily.


For example, we refer to the price of two types of raisins in mid-February 1400: the golden rice product, which is also called yellow raisin , is currently in the best quality for export at 3 $ per kilogram , and the red rice product, which is actually the same as sunny rice . Is and is suitable for the domestic market. In 9 kg cartoons, 14 $ thousand Tomans is invoiced.

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