Exported Nitrated Raisins

Updated Price of Exported Nitrated Raisins of Malayer

Nitrated raisin is made in Malayer (a raisin producing town in Iran) is one of the best exportable products in Iran. A great amount of this amazing product is exported to some countries like Russia and Ukraine annually. You can get informed about the latest prices in this website. Nitrated Raisin as the Best Exportable […]

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Green Raisin

Kashmar Thin Green Raisin Wholesale Trade

Kashmar thin green and yellow raisin is sold in wholesale and our customers who prefer to sale this product in international markets or export it can call our selling board. Different Types of Kashmar raisin As it was mentioned earlier, some important towns in Iran like Takestan, Bonab, Malayer, and Malakan are important poles of […]

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yellow raisins

Number one Golden and Yellow raisin purchase

Yellow and golden raisins are considered as one of the best product for exports. Merchants can easily purchase the product directly from this factory. exported yellow raisins in Iran Yellow or golden raisin is one of the best export products known in Iran and other countries. Beside Iran, this product is produced in other countries […]

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Sultana Raisin

Number One Nitrated Sultana Golden Raisin Sale

Number One Nitrated Golden Sultana Raisin sale known as one of the best products of Malayer and Takestan is started to be produced and sold. Our honored customers who intend to buy or export these products, can call our selling department in advanced. What sort of product is nitrated sultana raisin? As it is known, three […]

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