Sundried Raisin

Price of Exportable Raisin

International Price of Exportable Sundried Raisin

You can call Arad raisin producing and packing factory to get information about three types of exportable sundried, golden and nitrated raisin. Different Types of Sundried raisin for Exports Sundried raisin is a common term we deal with in raisin business. It is known as round or tiny size raisin found in different colors like […]

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Red Sundried Raisin

Updated Price of Red Sundried Raisin

You can easily get informed about the prices of sundried raisins sold in gunnysacks and red ones packed in boxes. Dear customers can purchase these products directly from our factory. Sundried Raisin in Iran Sundried raisin is widely sold in Internal markets. This product appears in two sorts. A sort of them is sold in […]

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